I love capturing families, but especially the littlest people.

I’m Cait a natural light family photographer based in Naarm (Melbourne). Capturing candid photographs of families in their happy places is my favourite thing.

More About Me

The moments of childhood are fleeting, where innocence dances on the wind as our little ones embrace the bittersweet journey of growing up too fast.




Celebrating the special, beautiful anticipation of new beginnings while feeling comfortable and calm throughout the process.



Preserving cherished connections and cheeky smiles, one frame at a time in sessions filled with love and laughter.



Embracing the tiniest joys and purest love in every delicate detail, a newborn baby photography session to treasure for a lifetime.

Why hire a family photographer?

a professional eye is an investment

Why hire a family photographer?

In a chaotic, internally focussed world, I can capture your family's unique journey, freezing defining moments; shared laughter, stolen glances, unspoken intimacies. Encapsulating evolving love, quirks, I turn connections into keepsakes. Emotional composition turns scenes into narratives; a park picnic is a togetherness tale, a home afternoon an affection symphony.

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Kind Words

"Cait, you've outdone yourself. Thank you so much for these amazing photos of Sonny, they are the most amazing pictures. I simply cannot thank you enough".

Sonny & Harlow